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The Joy of Lease

For many years now we have been offering lease purchase on many of our system. If you are a Limited company then finance packages are available for you. We work with numerous brokers and financers to secure the best deal and to enable you to purchase the system you require without the need to spend capital.

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What can Monitoring Offer Your Business

The legal responsibility for business owners is for the protection of life and because of this the majority of fire alarm systems are not monitored for out of hour activations. This means that despite the fire alarm system activating the fire brigade will not be contacted unless someone notices the fire and calls them.

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Reliable Radio Systems

Key to Reliable Radio Systems

The one biggest advance in fire alarm systems over the past few years has been the rise of the wireless system. In 2008 Europe introduced a set frequency that can only be used for fire alarm systems and this has helped to greatly reduce interference issues.

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Wireless System

Advantages of a Wireless System

When trying to decide between a wired or wireless system it is sometimes easy just to look at the bottom line, and there can be no doubt that wireless systems are more expensive. However, there are numerous other considerations to take into account.

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