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Analogue Addressable

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems are now widely used, even for small and medium sized premises, as the cost between analogue addressable and conventional has greatly reduced over the past few years. Most manufacturers are now offering ‘Lite’ panels which have the more advanced features removed but this enables them to be purchased for only a couple of hundred more than the conventional panels.

The systems operate by designating each device on the system a numeric and text address. This means that instead of having to search a zonal area, like the conventional systems, the exact location of the activation is shown on the panel display. This allows for a faster and safer search of the building.

The equipment itself offers more control over the system and can be easily set up for staged evacuation or a ‘double knock’ alarm, which allows the source of the alarm to be determined before full evacuation takes place. This helps to minimise disruption from false alarms.

Larger sites will find the analogue addressable option ideal as panels can be easily networked, allowing control over any of the panels on the system from a single panel as well as ensuring an almost unlimited amount of future expansion.

Analogue addressable systems are all software based, which can cause problems when switching providers. All the systems supplied by The Fire Alarm Consultancy Ltd are ‘open protocol’, meaning that the software and spares to all our systems are readily available to other companies. There are many ‘closed protocol’ systems on the market, these systems can leave some users feeling trapped as the software and parts are only available to agents of that particular manufacturer. We supply and fit analogue fire alarm systems in Andover, Newbury, Hampshire, Devizes, Chippenham, Trowbridge, Swindon, Bristol and all of Wiltshire.

Our preferred manufacturer of panel is Kentec Electronics but other manufacturers are available. Click here for link.

For the line devices we use Hochiki ESP, but like the panels, other manufacturers are available if requested. Click here for link.


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