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Conventional/2 Wire

Conventional fire alarm systems are cost effective and perfect for small premises. The building is separated into zones, each of which will cover a designated area. On activation of the system this area then needs to be searched to locate the cause of the alarm.

Standard conventional systems require separate circuits for the alarm devices and detection. We primarily use two wire systems as these allow the sounders and detectors to be installed onto the same wiring. This can provide considerable cost savings, particularly when the sounders are integral to the detectors.

Existing conventional systems can easily be maintained by any service provider and because the devices on these systems are primarily universal, control equipment can be replaced without worrying about device conflict.

Because conventional and two wire fire alarm equipment is designed to offer an entry level system, there are limitations to their use. Larger premises may find them impractical, and the cause and effects are greatly restricted compared to analogue addressable or wireless systems.

With cost reductions on analogue addressable systems and reliability in wireless systems the conventional or two wire system is being used less and less but they still have their uses with many properties requiring a basic cover.

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