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Maintenance and Monitoring

Who Needs a Maintenance Contract?

A maintenance contract is a requirement for any premises that has a fire alarm system. Without a maintenance contract the system does not fully comply to the British Standard. As standard we allow to carry out one, three hour service on the emergency lighting systems whilst we are servicing the fire alarm systems. This will comply the system to BS:5266:Part 1:2016 for emergency lighting systems. A maintenance contract is a requirement for any premises that has a fire alarm system. We offer fire alarm maintenance contracts for customers and fire alarm servicing in towns across Hampshire and Wiltshire, including Andover, Chippenham, Devizes, Melksham, Newbury, Trowbridge, Swindon and Bristol. We also offer annual maintenance contracts on most types of nurse call systems as recommended by manufacturers, including Courtney-Thorne.

How Many Visits do I Need?

The current British Standard states that all fire alarm systems should be tested twice a year. However, this only applies to systems installed after 2002, any older systems should comply to the previous edition of the standard, which required quarterly maintenance on all systems. The current standard also makes a ‘recommendation’ for the battery back up of the system to be tested quarterly. Because of this we offer both two and four visits per year, allowing each customer to decide what is appropriate for their system and premises.

What We Do

All our services are arranged in advance on a day and time suitable to the client. A service sheet is filled in and left on site as proof of service with the results of the test clearly displayed. Each maintenance quotation is sent with a full method statement so that the customers know exactly what to expect for their money. We offer a 24 hour a day 365 day a year call out service, with reduced rates for maintenance customers.


We provide monitoring services for fire alarm systems via a leading, fully compliant, monitoring company.

System monitoring is often a requirement of insurance companies but many clients feel more secure in the knowledge that action will be taken in the event of an alarm, even if the site is unoccupied.

Many systems are monitored via the intruder or other security systems and although this operates perfectly well we would warn customers that this arrangement is not compliant with the British Standard and therefore insurance companies should be informed of this variation.

Most systems are monitored via a BT Redcare unit or a Digital Communicator, but there are more reliable and cost effective ways to monitor the system whilst still being fully compliant.

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