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Aspirating Detectors

Aspirating or air sampling detectors are high sensitivity smoke detectors. The smoke detector is housed inside the control units and the air is drawn along the pipe work from the protected area and through the detector. An aspirating detector will activate before any other type of automatic detection and therefore provide the earliest warning possible.

These devices are self calibrating and so adjust their sensitivity based on the ambient contamination of the area covered. This makes them perfect for warehouses, atriums, lobbies and racking.

Voice Evacuation

As part of a fire and life safety system more properties are now requiring voice evacuation systems. The AVAC system is a BS5839-8 compliant voice alarm system. It is a modular based system and can therefore be used for any property, from a single shop unit to schools, colleges or supermarkets. It is vital that any voice evacuation system is fully compliant as these are the sounder circuits of your fire alarm system, a standard PA system is not enough. For some projects Voice Sounders may be acceptable and with manufacturers such as EMS incorporating these into their systems they can be quick and easy to install. Voice sounders are supplied with pre-recorded messages that will play upon activation. They can be perfect for small to medium sized sites that require multiple evacuations, possible for fire, bomb and emergency.

Door Equipment

We supply a large range of door control equipment, including door magnets, over door closures, Dorgards and Salamander units as well as simple door entry systems. These will all be linked to the fire alarm system.

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